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About Fermedicius Labs

Fermedicius Labs is simplifying nutrition and proactive health management to engineer 'healthy-being' for urban India. We are building consumer products and proprietary technologies to curate unparalleled and personalized product experiences for people to stay healthy.

Engineering 'healthy-being' is a colossal vision that requires a consequential attempt.  We therefore need a consequential team.

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Why Join Us?


Purpose Driven

Working at Fermedicius Labs is a rare chance to see the translation of your work into a product that solves a problem for the end user. Interns typically start from problem formulation and assessment of needs to generation of concepts, functional synthesis of products and finally, evaluation from the end user.

<br><b>Purpose Driven</b>
<br><b>Flat Structure</b>

Flat Structure

Unlike the hierarchical setups that allow for very little exchange of ideas, immersion and learning, the organizational design at Fermedicius allows for constructive debate and peer learning.


Immersive Work

It is very common for teammates to visit several habitats and understand the problem firsthand. This immersion allows application of classroom concepts to real world problems.

<br><b>Immersive Work</b>
<br><b>'A' Class Team</b>

'A' Class Team

Our core team members come with strong academic backgrounds and have worked in challenging industry settings. Our mentors are Who's Who in their domain. Yet everyone is so humble when you engage in a dialogue with them.


Two Way Alignment

Fermedicius believes in not only aligning company goals but also values your goals and expectations.

<br><b>Two Way Alignment</b>

Who are we Looking For?

Fermedicius Labs is building a consequential team and is looking for top talent in the areas of:

 - Product Design & Development

 - Data Science

 - Growth Marketing and Creative Communication

 - IoT and Systems Engineering

 - Product Launch


How do we Hire?



Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I see the current Opportunities?

All our Opportunities are listed on website and leading Internship / Job Portals.

What would make a good Application?

Three Things
1. Sincere effort in the timed task. 2. Objective and Honest responses during Interview. 3. Demonstrated ability to learn.

What do you test in an application?

Ingenuity, Subject knowledge and Attitude

When can I expect to hear back form you on the application status?

Shortlisted candidates will receive the latest possible date for declaration of result.

Will I get an acknowledgement for my task submission?

Yes. All tasks that are received and are in order will receive an acknowledgement from our team. We'll get back to you for missing pieces, if there are any.

What would be the eligibility criteria for the available openings?

Will be specified in the opening.