Re-inventing Food and Beverage Retail

Working at the intersection of advanced robotics, Internet of Things,
and human-machine interaction to make food retail user-inspired,
efficient, and responsible

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Fermedicius Labs is a retail design and technology company that builds customer-facing automation solutions for food and beverage retail. We design and develop next generation distribution and retail platforms to achieve the following outcomes - winning consumer experience, unparalleled retail effienciy, and sustainable supply chains.

Digitization, aspiration for personalized product experiences, and growing realization for health and sustainablity among consumers is reshaping demand trajectory globally. This is challenging conventional distribution and retail models. We want to be at the forefront of defining and realizing retail models that remain relevant in the midst of changing consumer expectations.

We are an interdisciplinary team with academic and on-job training in the areas of design, robotics, systems engineering, and innovation management. We attended India's best science, engineering and law schools and have had brief stints at marquee global R & D firms.


To a modern urban consumer, consumption is becoming an 'experience' rather than an 'event'. We saw the e-commerce wave capitalize on this premise and create a winning consumer experience through seamless product discovery and convininent fulfilment. With the advent of pervasive digitization, personalized product experiences, and growing preference for healthier and sustainable products, the bar for a winning consumer experience is higher than ever. Retail models that will win in the future will not only meet these (tough) consumer expectations, but will do so with unparalleled efficiency and responsibility.

We hypothesize that it is at the intersection of physical and digital that winning consumer experiences will be created in the near future. In this pursuit, we are developing retail platforms to give consumers product experiences that are:

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    Production and retail for the masses is still the norm for physical goods. Look at the packaged beverages and snacks around you! In the world of digital goods, however, something exciting has been happening. Most web products today offer consumers personalized product experiences. By way of representation, the facebook timeline is personalized to the user, so is the feed of your professional network, and so is the news feed, songs etc. Users are now conditioned to be 'in control' of what they consume. More the freedom to exercise this control, merrier the consumption experience. It is only apparent for consumers to expect this control in physical goods as well. To be in control of the ingredients that go into their snack, or be able to exercise their taste and nutrition preferences for a truly user-inspired consumption.

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    Availing customized product experiences with enhanced accessibility comes at a cost. Low-cost operations require efficient procurement, innovative processing, and lean distribution. We believe in the application of modern day technologies such as cloud and ubiquitous computing to the overall retail design to get unparalleled efficiency. We believe in 'overhaul and redesign' of conventional supply chains to predict localized demands, achieve near zero wastage and inventory, and just in time replenishment of assortments.

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    Sustainability is no longer a good to have but an imperative. Rising consumer awareness and updated regulatory norms have put tight restrictions on the way goods are manufactured and retailed. Feeding 7 billion people require innovative processing and retail channels to cut down on packaging and energy requirements. Minimal food wastage, near zero packaging and lower gross energy requirement per serving will not just earn goodwill but also give an uncommon advantage to the business.

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Building tomorrow's retail norm . Today

We work at the intersection of robotics, systems engineering and human machine interaction to conceptualize and build future-proof retail models for food and beverage.

Designing and realizing consumption experiences that remain relevant for the new restless generation of consumers.

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